Let's explore the world of esxDOS software for 48KB and 128KB/+2A/+3 ZX Spectrum computers (and compatible) with DivIDE, DivMMC, DivSD and MB03+ Ultimate interfaces.

Every piece of software is split into normal single zx-files with +3DOS FAT headers. You can copy and move these files both on your Linux, Windows or Apple computers as well as on the original ZX Spectrum.
The good news is that also games are starting to appear that natively support saving of positions and hiscores directly to SD and CF cards. The emulator files and similar legacy files, like TAPs or TRD images, are not needed at all.

Copy the whole content, all directories and included files, to a FAT32 formatted CF, SD or MicroSD card.

Download: 27 Mbytes, updated 2020-05-31

The software archive consists of:

With appropriate interfaces (or with a single MB03+) you can test software for these hardware-enhancements:

esxDOS tips and hints

An alternative NMI handler and file navigator, with Kempston joystick navigation, POKE features and more.

AutoBoot=1 option set in /SYS/CONFIG/ESXDOS.CFG loads /SYS/AUTOBOOT.BAS file only on cold start (set 2 for every warm start and 3 for both).

By DMA=1 set in ESXDOS.CFG, speed up data transfers on DivIDE, DivMMC and MB03+.

A manual for the system text editor .TE

esxDOS links

Programs with native esxDOS SAVE/LOAD support

Speed test (esxDOS v0.8.7): Compared to handling of old legacy TAP files, a direct access to files stored on FAT formatted SD cards is super-fast.
It takes only 1:27 minutes to load 15 megabytes of data into the MB03+. Try the HQ Digital Audio Player Demo by LMN128 in the MB03PLUS/LMNHQDAP folder.

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